Monday, October 21, 2013

Hot Wing Challenge

At work again. Monday night. Hot Wing Challenge night at The Harem, a gentleman's club on North Dixie Drive in Dayton, Ohio. It's 12:21am, early Tuesday morning 10/22/2013 as I type these lines. I have 29 entertainers -- that's "strippers" to you -- in my rotation, with about 8 or so others who aren't going on stage. I'll call last call in less than two hours, and be home and in bed at 4am.

My son has to be dropped off at kindergarten at 8:30am. I'll wake him up at 8, get some breakfast into him, get him dressed and pack his lunch and drive him to school. Then my 2 year old daughter will wake up not long after I return home, and I'll get her up, change her, and fix us both some breakfast. When my wife gets up, I'll take a nap.

The Hot Wing Challenge is the highlight of our Monday nights here at work. Twice every Monday night, at 11:30pm and then again at 1:30am, I bring two volunteers up out of the audience and we put them onstage next to each other. Then we place two steaming platters of hot wings in front of them and put three minutes on the clock. Whoever finishes first, or eats the most in the allotted time, wins. The wings, of course, are practically inedible -- the sauce the cooks use is specially prepared and beyond hot. But every week, people get up there and try it, to some pretty humorous results.

I'm tired, but not overly so. Tonight I'm going to go home and plug in my laptop before I go to bed and try to knock out two pages of the current writing project I'm working on right now. 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Back From the Dead

I'm at work, DJ'ing at The Harem. It's 5pm and I have ten entertainers in the rotation, which is a fairly typical number for this time on a Sunday afternoon. A small amount of guys, sipping their beer, watching NFL games on the big screens and occasionally tipping one of the girls. 

This has been, as they say, one of those days. Not a bad one, mind you. Just a little frustrating.

Last night, a good friend hosted a party at her place in honor of my wife, who just passed her state boards and is now a nurse. Good friends came, much laughter ensued, and bodacious amounts of alcohol were consumed. By me. And by our hostess.

I became a bit intoxicated. I didn't get crazy or take off my clothes or get into a fight or try to drive home, mind you -- I just wound up passed out in a chair near the fire, and another friend of ours drove me home. My wife is a bit upset with me, and now I'm in the doghouse.

But she did put her anger at me aside long enough so that we could take the kids to the local school's homecoming parade this afternoon, which was nice. The kids got lots of candy and really enjoyed themselves.