Thursday, October 22, 2015

November 2015. A month of transformation.

October 22, 2015

There will be a great deal of work done around here in November of 2015. Each day’s progress will be tracked in this document. All truths will be reported; no falsehoods are allowed.

November has 30 days. I plan to follow my low-carb regimen for the entire month (yes, including Thanksgiving). I plan to compete in NaNoWriMo, writing an average of 1600 words per day for 30 days so that I can have a novel nearly complete by the end of the month. I also plan to grow my beard and not shave while I work on the book, a la Neil Gaiman. 

Will I be a new man on December 1st? Of course not. But I will have achieved a number of things that have been on my mind for awhile now. 

There will be a minimum of blogging and social media interaction during November, as well. Instead of wasting time on Facebook, I plan to spend my free time -- time not at work and not writing -- with my kids and wife and working around our house.


Monday, October 19, 2015

A short list of interests of mine...

Communication. Crime. Music of many kinds: jazz, ambient, classical, the blues, pop, rock. Cryptids. Books, reading, writers & writing. Art. Offbeat films. Crime writing. Violence. Fringe culture. Addiction. Body modification. The occult. The internet. Altered states of consciousness. Surrealism. Shamanism. Astronomy. Autism. Fantasy. Horror & weird fiction. String theory. Serial murder. Madness. History. Pornography. Tribalism. Mythology, Spirituality. Neo-paganism. Conspiracy theories. Mind control. Urban legends. Zines. Samizdat.